February 16, 2020
Update to all the donors, supporters, and friends of Revolution Books


Late in 2019, we launched the fund drive: 
Save Revolution Books, A Beacon in Dangerous Times: $50,000.  With support from over 200 donors, contributing large and small amounts, with matching challenges and spreading the word far and wide... plus an additional 100 people who donated funds and attended the wonderful January 24 benefit event featuring Dread Scott making a presentation about his public artwork "Slave Rebellion Reenactment," we are now 35% of the way to $50,000 with $17,252 in contributions.


We are extending the campaign to March 1. RB is needed more than ever in these dangerous times. We did not reach our goal by January 31, but we have seen real potential to expand the base of support for Revolution Books. 


To donors to the campaign, our warmest appreciation. To those who have not yet given, watch the excerpt below from Andy Zee about Revolution Books and think about the importance of this bookstore. DONATE now.

Revolution Books – a beacon in dangerous times… the political, intellectual, and cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution.

In these dark and perilous days, RB is needed more than ever – at a moment of stark contrast between our hopes and dreams for the future and the stark reality that great catastrophe looms as fascist regimes take root here and around the world.

With all that is possible, yes now, we are facing a serious financial situation. The $50,000 Winter Fund Drive will go towards operating expenses, mass publicity, stocking an even wider selection of books, and a robust internet presence. Please give all you can.

From a letter by Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books…

"Revolution Books is alive with the scientific understanding that a different and better world is possible. RB is the political, intellectual, and cultural center of a movement for an actual revolution and that is why it is a unique incredible bookstore – a resource for the world. The animating heart of the store is the framework for unleashing the revolutionary potential of humanity: the breakthrough in scientifically knowing and radically changing the world through revolution, the new communism developed by Bob Avakian, a leader who never gave up asking the hard questions of the road forward to human emancipation and developing the path to that future....

“The heart of the problem Revolution Books confronts is a society wide problem. In the face of the danger of the white supremacist fascist Trump/Pence regime and with the future of humanity threatened by global warming, way too many people have turned inward.  We have a culture of the 'selfie'-- a society obsessed with 'look at me' as I look out for just me  – while the world literally burns and drowns…

Revolution Books brings a whole different ethos and culture… Books that matter. History that tells the truth.  Novels that imagine the past, tell of other peoples, or imagine a different future.  Children's books that reach across cultures and foster a positive morality. Author readings and discussions with progressive writers from Pulitzer Prize winners to new authors who enlighten and challenge, and mix it up with RB's spokespeople who probe and elicit the best from our guests. 

"At RB we seek to foster a culture of revolt against a revolting culture while nurturing art that imagines in the present what a future world and people could be.  And, at RB people experience and can take up the science of revolution in the extensive body of work of Bob Avakian that shatters demoralized defeatist preconceptions that the misery and spirit crushing world of today is all that could be."

If you care about humanity and the planet… let’s join together to contribute financial support, ideas and energy to keep the doors open of the bookstore about the world, for a radically different and far better world. 

RB is open Tuesday thru Sunday, 12-9 pm.

Humanity needs revolution
Revolution needs Revolution Books
Revolution Books needs you

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